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Are you looking for the most dedicated and attentive people to manage your property in Bristol?

Don't look further, we are here to help you

Whether you have already made the choice of renting your property as a serviced accommodations and are looking for someone to manage it for you, or you are still wondering what the benefits could be or how it would work, we can help.

We have successfully taken on multiple properties in Bristol. We offer complete setup and management services depending on  your needs:

  • Refurbishment, furnishing and decorating to get your property serviced accommodation ready

  • Setup and management of your property on all online platforms including on our website

  • Setup laundry and cleaning services with our dedicated teams

  • Attracting private and corporate clients

  • Ensuring the best ranking on platforms

  • Offering on-call manager to your guest

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About Jon

After having successfully built and managed his own recruitment company, Jon started to develop his property portfolio. He refurbished derelict properties and rented them as serviced accommodations.

 Intrigued by his success and in love with the special care that Jon dedicated to all his properties, a few of his friends started to ask if he could also manage their property... Word of mouth did the rest and Jon started to help more people to manage their properties.

Nowadays, he accompanies landlords through the entire setup and management of their properties, making sure they get the best return on investment, and that their guests enjoy the most unique and satisfying stays.